Essence magazine Feb. 2008: My Testimony (1 pg. PDF) (2 pg. PDF-1 PDF-2)

The News & Observer Feb. 16, 2008: Integration Pioneer Returns to Smithfield (1 pg. PDF)

Essence magazine Mar. 2010 (pg. 86): Taking Charge

Heart & Soul magazine Feb./Mar. 2010 (pg. 75): Up Your Professional Game

Ebony magazine Feb. 2010 (pg. 22): Q&A Cubicle

USA Today Mar. 1, 2010 (pg. 3B): Executive Suite

Yale Law Report: Summer 2010 (pg. 42/43): PDF

Rhonda was interviewed about "The Little Black Book of Success" on 3/4/10 by Shawna Renee on her "Cocoa Mode" morning show. Please enjoy the interview and call-in questions from listeners, which is about 20 minutes into the show.

Rhonda and Elaine were interviewed by Michel Martin of National Public Radio on her "Tell Me More" show . Listen or read the transcript here.

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